What Happens When You Stick to The Script

I once saw a great original play called “Adventures in Storyland.”  The premise is that Red Riding Hood, the main character, gets bored and fed up with the script of her familiar story.  She decides to make a change.


Throughout the course of the play, Red decides to explore other fairytales. She wants to see what happens when she interacts with other characters and if that will give her other opportunities.

In the end, she realizes it would have been better if she had stuck to her original script.  That’s true for you and me most of the time, as well.  So often, like Red, we go through life and think, “I’m tired of this.  I’m bored of this.  I’m not getting results fast enough.”  Then, when we deviate, more often than not, that actually results in disappointment.

Of course you shouldn’t stick to a script that’s lifeless and repetitive.  If you feel like that’s your present narrative, it may well be time to pick up the pen to start a new chapter.  On the other hand, if your tendency is to start with a flourish, only to abandon the plan shortly thereafter, it’s wise to recognize that too.

If we think about it, we originally had a plan for a reason.  Why not let it play out and see what happens?  Like Red, you could save yourself a lot of trouble.

The bottom line is you are powerful.  You’re the one calling the shots for your life.  If you don’t like where it’s headed, make a change.