Delays Don't Mean Denials

“Delays Don’t Mean Denials”

Do you love fruit as much as I do? I absolutely love it! But the thing about fruit is you usually have to let it ripen. Normally it doesn’t take long, but occasionally the process seems to take forever.

You wonder if the fruit will ever ripen, or if it’s a dud. Doubt and disappointment creep in.

Of course, with fruit, it’s not a big deal. With your dreams and goals, it’s a different story.

While we’re waiting, we experience a range of emotions. Let me remind you, just like with fruit, watch for your dream or goal to ripen.

Continuing with the metaphor of ripening, here are a couple more observations and reminders. First, every fruit, even if it’s in the same field or package, ripens at a different pace. We’re frequently reminded not to compare ourselves, but we must make a conscious choice to go against that tendency.

Does anything good ever come from comparison? Rarely. It’s vital that we remember this and choose wisely.

Secondly, fruit picked too early hasn’t reached maturity or fullness. For maximum satisfaction, allow the process to run its course.