How To: Stop Struggling With Doubt

When you reach the point where you have decided, “I want to go after this, I want to do this,” then the question comes:  

“Do I really have what it takes?”


Here are three strategies how to beat the enemy of doubt:


1. Remember what makes you passionate: Chances are you are passionate about something because you have skills in that area or because you have had positive experiences.  Spend some time thinking about your past successes.  Re-engage your senses – the feelings, the sounds and so on.  Let good memories spark you.


2. Remember how others affirmed you:
Similar to the preceding suggestion, recall the meaningful words of those who know you, and believe when they have said comments like,

“You need to do more of that” or “You’re really good at that.”  Although our actions should not be determined by others, on the other hand, it’s hard to beat knowing you’ve impacted someone in a positive way.  Let that surge of satisfaction re-kindle you to do more of the same.


3. Just go for it!  In my first interview related to dreams and personal development with journalist Will Leitch, Will said, “There’s never a point where you arrive.”  Stop pressuring yourself to achieve results by a certain date.  On the other hand, you can’t progress if you don’t take the first step.


It’s time to get off the sidelines, get in the game and go for the win!