Dealing with Disappointment

Years ago I was dealing with a lot of emotional pain and uncertainty.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  Life goes that way sometimes.  Thankfully, at that time I had someone who was older and wiser speaking into my life.  She said to me, “Sam, it’s OK to be down.  You just can’t stay there.”


That was a little tough to swallow at first, but I knew she was right.  I took some time to gradually grasp that truth, and slowly I started to move forward.


Some time has passed since then.  I’d like to say it’s gotten easier to deal with pain and disappointment, and it has, but that’s not to say reminders and adjustments aren’t still needed for different situations.  They are.  Recently another friend offered this reality check: “You can only own what you’re willing to admit to.”


Allow me to elaborate.  One of the first keys to moving forward and gaining victory over your circumstances is to be honest.  It’s OK to admit that you’re not really loving life right now, but find a way not to stay there.  That could be talking it through or processing with a friend or life coach, or journaling, for example.


Be real with where you’re at.  Don’t just stuff your emotions down and try to ignore them.  Then, when you’ve processed that, make a decision to move forward.


It’s by getting rid of negative emotions that we’re able to make room for the good things that come our way.  Otherwise we may not be able to see opportunities when they present themselves to us.


Really, that’s what so much of life’s choices are about.  Are we focused on what’s not happening, or are we focused on the bright spots?  Even on a rainy day, there’s something to be thankful for.