What to Do While You’re Waiting

It seems like we’re always waiting, doesn’t it?  It’s a pattern throughout our lives.  Here are some ideas from the Dreaming Made Simple playbook on what to do while you’re waiting:


1. Focus - A lot of times while we’re waiting, we need to clarify our vision and focus.  We need to remember why we’re waiting and what we’re waiting for, so that when it comes our way, we can take hold of it and give it all we have!


2. Use what you know - Waiting is not a matter of just sitting around.  It’s a matter of doing what we can and moving forward with what we know.  That will position us for when the opportunity we’re waiting for comes into sight.  Then we can grab it!


3. Look for the good stuff – We tend to get preoccupied with what’s not happening.  Then we spiral and may shut down.  This apathy may well keep us waiting longer than necessary.  The alternative is to focus on what is happening.  What we focus on, good or bad, gradually increases.  


4. Remember when - If you’re needing direction, I’d encourage you to think back.  What was the last thing you were excited about?  What was that idea you had that prompted you to say, “When the time’s right, I’ll do it”?  Life can always get in the way if you allow it.  Think about why you wanted to do it in the first place.  Then take a step toward it.  My guess is you’ll get your spark back in no time!