Following Your Nudges

Do you struggle with feeling overwhelmed?  If you’re like me at times, you need a strategy.


One strategy I recommend is to follow your nudges.  


As I wrote in my Dreaming Made Simple Starter Guide, the first step is to be aware of those nudges.  Usually we brush them off and dismiss them as insignificant.  The truth is, those nudges are often very significant and meaningful.  They can be helpful if we pay attention to them.


Once we pay attention to them, it’s important to remember them.  That way we can act on them and put them to good use.  The key, then, is to write them down so you can come back to them at any time.


At the end of the day, you’re not left wondering.  You’re not wasting your time.  Instead, you are ready to act on what you gained from the day.  You can be organized and efficient.  


That’s the basis of one of the six lessons in the Dreaming Made Simple Starter Guide.  It’s designed to help you really get going and make headway with your dreams and goals.

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