Feeling Overwhelmed?

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed, isn’t it?

 There’s a lot of information coming at us and there are a lot of choices to make.  You feel like you have to make the right choice, and it’s hard to know what to pick, especially if you have to make a quick choice.

One of the first times I remember feeling overwhelmed is when I went off to college at the University of Illinois.  The U of I is twice the size of my hometown and is one of the largest undergraduate universities.  It was easy to feel like life was too much, so to make the best out of the circumstance, I developed this plan. 


When I went to college, I realized I didn’t need to know the whole scope of the campus.  I needed to know about a small sphere that impacted me.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by life, see if you can narrow it down to what you really need to focus on, what really affects you and what you can impact.


In overwhelming moments, it’s important to have people who can support you.  Don’t hide or be embarrassed of how you feel.  You want people in your life who can relate to what you’re going through but will encourage you not to stay where you are.  They might say things like, “You’re not really off base.  You just need a perspective adjustment.”


If you cut it down to what you really need to know, if you find people who can be a sounding board to you and have been through similar things, that’s a great way to beat that overwhelmed feeling and to move forward.