Having a Bad Day?

Are you having a bad day?  

Maybe some things aren’t going your way.  

Maybe you’re discouraged.  

If you are, you’re not alone.  

I get discouraged, too.


When I get into these moods, here are some things that have helped me:


Good expectations - I realize that I’m one action away, one breakthrough away, from having what I want to happen.  That usually helps me move forward because I never know when that could happen.  Having good expectations is key.  If you’re going to anticipate, make sure it’s for something positive, as a mentor once told me.


Gratitude - When I’m teetering on a bad mood, I start thinking about all the positive things people have said to me, and good things that have happened to me.  I give thanks.


Call someone – We all need friends to help us through tough times.  That’s not to unload on, but to give us perspective and to help us up.  I’m reminded of a friend’s advice to me.  “It’s OK to be down,” she said.  “You just can’t stay there.”


Rest – If something’s not working or if it’s bringing you down, maybe you need to rest.  All the parts of who we are work together, our bodies, minds and souls.  If one is not doing well, sooner or later, they all suffer.


Get away – Similarly, sometimes we need to step away or have a change of scenery.  If you don’t do this regularly, you’ll be amazed what a game-changer it can be to step away from what you are trying to accomplish and come back to it later.


Above all, if you are having a bad day, recognize it and try to avoid blowing a situation out of proportion.  Tomorrow holds the promise of new possibilities and breakthrough!