Find Your Song and Belt It Out

Recently, I was out listening to some live music.  I thought I recognized one of the singers, but I wasn’t sure until she turned around and started singing a song she had written.  “I knew that song was familiar!” I said.  I just didn’t know for sure until I put a face with the song.


Did you know each of us has our own unique song?  When people hear it, they know it’s coming from you or me.  Your song is yours through and through, and you have a special power over that song.  It’s like when someone covers an original song.  It’s not the same.


People know if the song is yours.  That means we have to get away from striving to sound like someone else, to be someone we’re not.  The best songs are originals that seemingly come out of nowhere, yet if you look closely, there is continuity with the singer’s life.


Similarly, people who love to sing often don’t care what others think.  They sing for themselves first.  It might not matter if it’s on key or performed perfectly.  If anyone likes it, that’s a bonus.  The main thing is, they couldn’t suppress the urge to belt it out any longer.


What’s your song?  What’s that message that you have to get out?


  I’ve noticed growing numbers of collaborations.  Whatever dreams you are pursuing, whether songwriting is literal or merely an analogy, teamwork does so much to increase the impact of your efforts.  Look for people you can help and who can help you.  Meanwhile, start with the melody you already have now.