Dreaming: Are You? If Not, Start


What’s your dream?  It’s a question I ask often around here and on the Sam's Dream Blog Facebook page.  When you think about dreams and goals, do you sigh wistfully and say, 'I wish that were I' or 'One day?' Or are you taking steps toward making your dreams, however big or small, happen?

From my perspective right now (I say "right now" because perspective is allowed to change), I think this kind of dreaming involves a mix of thinking big and thinking tangibly. I’m pretty sure dreaming happens in that order.  Start with something huge, I mean ginormous. A lot bigger than what you think you could check off your to-do list anytime soon. A lot bigger than what you could accomplish by yourself. As Dare, Dream, Do Author Whitney Johnson says, "We really do dream best when we dream together."

We’ve got to dream big to stretch ourselves. Once we have this new capacity and space to dream, then we can become a bit more pragmatic about how to make our dreams happen. I’ll share more about that another time.

For now, my question is, do you have a list of dreams you are moving toward? You know, the stuff that your mind wanders to when you have a free moment?  The stuff that causes you to say, 'That would be so fun!' Here are some ideas to get your wheels going if you need help:




If you have already been dreaming, would you share one or two dreams with me?

Thanks for reading and for being part of  the Sam’s Dream Blog community!