New Year's Dreams


Sam’s Dream Blog is about inspiring you on your dream journey. That means this is a place, a brand that’s about more than tomorrow, next week or next month. Soon you will see stories about people whose dreams have taken years to realize. In fact, part of the meaning of "journey" is that a journey takes a "rather long time."

In other words, a wee bit longer than most people put into their resolutions. If resolutions are enough for you to remain resolute, awesome. Otherwise let’s hold a demolition for traditional resolutions and instead go after dreams.

What are some dreams that you are determined to go after in 2012? What steps will you take? Who will hold you accountable?

Here are a few of my dreams I am committed to working toward this year. What’s one of yours?

1. Writing a book

2. Visiting Miami, New Orleans, Costa Rica, Australia or New Zealand

3. Going to a Coldplay concert

For more on going after your dreams this year, check out Harvey Mackay’s blog post