Character Development with Loren Paulsson


Starting the New Year, Sam’s Dream Blog is debuting a post called ?Featured: "What’s Your Dream?" It allows readers to share what is the latest with their dreams, along with an e-mail address or Web site for more information.Today’s guest, Loren Paulsson, manages Character First the Magazine, a publication dedicated to character development and integrity.

Name: Loren Paulsson

What’s Your Dream? I'd like to "make it" as a writer and help others write well.

What’s the latest with your dream? I started out as a copy writer/editor eight years ago and now have responsibility for the social media, website, and monthly magazine for Character First. The desire to "make it" never fades, but as we grow up, we find satisfaction in the journey; we lose ourselves in the process of understanding the world, understanding others, and relating to it all.

In 2011, two individuals said my writing helped them, made them think. I'm grateful. Maybe I've grown up enough to touch others' lives.

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