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Ideas for a Small Business with The Evolution Business Network

This week marks the second post in the "Featured: "What’s Your Dream?" series on Sam's Dream Blog. It allows readers to share what is the latest with their dreams, along with an e-mail address or Web site for more information. Today's guest, Darnell Davis, is the Owner and President at The Evolution Business Network.

Ideas for a Small Business:

Darnell Davis
Darnell Davis

Name: Darnell Davis

What’s Your Dream? Because we started seeing a decline in a lot of small businesses in the area (close to Philadelphia), we set out to help as many people as we could by going on an education mission. With the education mission, Evolution Magazine started to prosper and become a name in our area because we are dedicating our time not just to creating a [business and technology] publication, but we’re spending time providing people with ideas for a small business. The dream for me is just starting to develop. All I wanted to do was help small businesses.

What’s the latest with your dream? Our April print edition for Evolution Magazine (started online in June, 2011) is a special edition. Also, we are hosting a very large women in business and leadership conference in the Lehigh Valley (near Philadelphia.)

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