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Dreams: Sam's Dream Blog Celebrates 100 Inspirations

This is a big week on Sam’s Dream Blog!  Here at SDB, it’s celebration time for 100 posts.  Whether you have read every post, several posts, or maybe you are making your first visit, thank you.    

Here are some highlights from the first 100 posts. Follow the underlined links for the full interviews.

1. Writer Will Leitch graciously helped to kickstart SDB. First and foremost on the journey toward your dreams, Leitch says, "You have to be willing to go down with the ship. You can’t look for an escape hatch."

2. Now that you’re committed to your dream journey, per Will’s advice, Dallas Mavericks owner and business mogul Mark Cuban has this to say: "You have to determine whether or not you are willing to commit to working 20 hours a day, 7 days a week?"

3. While you’re at it, "Learn whatever you can from whoever is going to offer it. Every day you should be learning something new," San Francisco sous chef Adam Nichol says.

4. Of course, maybe your dream pursuit cannot be at the forefront of your life right now, due to other limitations for the time being.  Take heart in what leadership expert John Maxwell says: "When it comes to being an authority on a subject, spend one hour a day, five days a week, for five years. Earl Nightingale says that by doing that, you can become an expert on any subject?"

5. If all that sounds daunting, think back to your childhood, Harvard Business Review contributor and TEDx speaker Whitney Johnson says: "Each experience that we have, the good and especially the things that happen to us that we don’t deserve, shapes our dreams.  For example, one of my biggest dreams, which is to encourage others, came, I think, [because I didn’t hear enough] encouraging words as a child.  I deserved that, and I long for that sometimes. Yet, without that, would I even have felt [compelled] to begin writing about dreams in the first place?"

6.  "Exhaust all opportunities for growth," including volunteering, career expert Alexandra Levit says.

7.  Speaking of opportunities, "It’s important to know you want to do things the right way, no matter if it takes longer to accomplish. I guess it’s just being patient," Hollywood manager and producer Trevor Kaufman says.

8. Drybar’s Alli Webb has this to say about your dream pursuits: "It’s key to identify your target consumer and to make sure the need for your business really exists on a scale large enough to sustain the business for the long haul. Then execution is the next hurdle. Be prepared to work tirelessly to really nurture your idea."

9. Candy connoisseur and Sugarfina co-founder Rosie O’Neill keeps her advice about dreams short and sweet: "Try new things as often as possible, stick with what you like, and don’t waste your time with the things you don’t like? Life’s too short."

10. Finally, remember this advice from Estella’s Brilliant Bus inspiration, Estella Pyfrom:.. "Don’t shy away from your dreams. Don’t listen to negative people that say it’s not going to happen.  If you have a dream and you are willing to work for that to make it happen, it can happen."

If any of these comments particularly resonated with you, let me know below, and share with a friend!

Sugarfina Co-Founder Rosie O'Neill Shares Sweet Treat


Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick are the co-founders of Sugarfina, an online candy boutique featuring sweets from around the world. This week on Dreamin Made Simple, Rosie, formerly Director of Marketing for Barbie, shares marketing lessons she has learned and her three-bite rule.

Dreaming Made Simple: I’ve read your three-bite rule.  How can you apply that advice more broadly as far as keeping consumers engaged?

Rosie O'Neill: The "three bite rule" started as a way to manage my sugar intake while taste testing dozens of candies a day.  It might sound like I'm whining, but it's actually really hard to eat 20+ candies in one sitting, day after day!  So I'd eat just one bite if it was OK, two bites if I liked it and three bites if I loved it.

This rule really applies to all aspects of life.  Try new things as often as possible, stick with what you like, and don't waste your time with the things you don't like? Life's too short.

With candy, I'm always encouraging people to try something new, even if it's just once.  That’s why we offer our candy Tasting Flights and our subscription Tasting Club.  Each box has a curated collection of 1 oz. samplers - such as a collection of candies from Italy or an assortment of artisan caramels in a dozen different flavors.  Often times your favorite candy is the one you wouldn't have tried unless it was in your tasting box.

Dreaming Made Simple: What did you learn from marketing Barbie that has helped make Sugarfina successful?

Rosie O'Neill: I apply the skills I learned at Mattel every single day - particularly when it comes to product and packaging development.  It's pretty cool to know how to take an idea and translate it into a beautiful end product that people want to buy.  Just knowing the basic mechanics of how to create a product, test it, package it, produce it, market it - It's a very rewarding process.

Consumer research was a big part of my career too.  It's so important to understand how people think, how they make decisions, and what makes them smile.  If you can figure out what people want and offer it to them in a fresh new way, you're well on your way to a successful business.

And of course, if, like Barbie, you can have a fantastic career AND have a fabulous collection of shoes?  More power to you.

Dreaming Made Simple: What’s your dream for Sugarfina?

Rosie O'Neill: Our immediate dream for Sugarfina is to open our first retail shop, which is very close to becoming a reality.  We're creating a beautiful luxury candy boutique in the heart of Beverly Hills this winter.  It will be unlike any candy store you've ever seen!

Long-term, we'd love to grow Sugarfina into an international brand, with luxury boutiques all around the world.  It makes me so happy to introduce people to delicious candies they've never seen or tasted before.  That feeling when you see someone's eyes light up because you've given them the best thing they've ever tasted - That's irreplaceable.  I will always be chasing that moment, with as many people as possible, for as long as I can.