Getting Away To Dream

What inspires you?  


What do you dream about?  


Recently, I had the privilege of traveling with a team to another country.  Again and again, while meeting business people there, we felt compelled to ask those questions.  


Furthermore, I was intrigued to know - what is the effect of dreaming vs. not dreaming?  The people with whom we interacted with were, without a question, hard workers. But a number of them had yet to be awakened to their dreams and passions.


Or they had been silenced.


This led me to wonder, is it possible that working too hard is a problem?  Is it possible that an outcome of working too hard could be that you forget to dream because you are so busy doing?  Is that the way we are meant to live?  


Perhaps the answers to those questions depend on the person and the situation. Perhaps there are seasons to simply put one’s nose to the grindstone and work hard.  


Personally, I find that getting away from routine and making space to ponder questions like these to be illuminating. Repeatedly, when our team encouraged our international friends to dream, light bulb after light bulb went on. Since we had given ourselves permission to explore possibilities, there was no better time to take advantage.


Oscar Wilde once wrote, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”  

It’s in pursuing your passions that you’re at your best. You find the role you were designed to play.