The Why Behind the Push

In the last entry, I discussed the difference between pushing and punishing.  Ultimately you know whether you are giving something your all or not.  No question, life requires hard work and perseverance much of the time.  We push because we know the end goal is worth it.  Pushing is necessary, plain and simple.

That begs the question, where do you need to push?  What do you have that would benefit others, even if it took one more time or a bunch more times to push through?

At times, especially at those times when extra effort is required, we should not be unkind to ourselves.  We should not demean ourselves.  Our words have power, so it’s important not to say things like, “I’m terrible at this,” or “This will never work.”  It’s better to just push through.

Science has proven that our brains look to validate what we expect.  If we say positive things, our brains will look for proof of positive outcomes.  The opposite is also true.  If we say negative things, our brains will look for negative outcomes.  Are you living like your words have a lot of power?  I’d encourage you to spend a few moments thinking about that.