Knowing Your Season

Recently I have heard several leaders talk about the importance of recognizing your season.  For instance, it would be unusual for a farmer to take his family on vacation at planting or harvest time.  Speaking of another type of season, there are some dreams easier to realize when you are single before you have a family – say traveling the world or living in different countries.


It’s not that either of those examples is impossible in any circumstance.  Simply, there are seasons when it is easier to make use of momentum.  Another angle to consider when accounting for seasons and momentum is that typically, when it is the season to accomplish a dream or a goal, you will likely have more success and happiness if you narrow your focus.  Think of preparing for a wedding.  Normally, if you are engaged, you wouldn’t be starting multiple businesses at the same time.  Again, the point is not that you could not do such things.  Rather, it is probably in your best interest if you would not do such things.


Springtime presents the most dramatic transitions.  In nature, what was barren now has life.  For many, spring is also a time of transitioning from school to the workforce.  If you fall in to that category, this is your time to be diligent.  To quote Ben Franklin, 'Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.'”