False Positivity

Have you ever met one of those people who always seem to be happy?

I used to be one of those people.

At times it felt exhausting and alienating, but it was what I was supposed to do, right?




Here’s why - Often times being around those people, or even being that person leaves you feeling like you’re never good enough. You might notice friends might be reluctant to be around you as well. After all, what if their problems surface? It might taint you or leave you feeling at a loss for how to react. False positivity doesn’t feel safe.


The solution to all of this is to authentically live and pursue dreams and goals.


Let people know where you are, even if it’s not at the point you think you should be.


Allow yourself to get down or off track.

If you cultivate trust and vulnerability with friends and family, they’ll help you find your way again. They may provide just the perspective you’re looking for, but  you won’t see that vantage point if they can’t see you.


Be seen, be known, be heard,

and don’t forget to reciprocate.