Book Review: "Silver to Gold"


You know it is summer when people start talking about summer reads. Whether you need an excuse to stay inside or you need something to take to the beach, here is a book sure to encourage you on your dreaming journey!

“Silver to Gold” by Jennifer A. Miskov is written in a style akin to “The Alchemist.” The story begins with a group fighting for its freedom in Bronze Hills. Somehow the group manages to escape, but life does not get much easier. Like each of us experiences along the way, there are setbacks to overcome and difficult questions to answer.

Some points to ponder in “Silver to Gold” include:

1. How much risk and time are you willing to take in order to stay true to your heart?

2. What does it look like to be free to fully be who you were created to be and to do what you were created to do?

3. When others express doubts, how will you respond?

4. What are you willing to sacrifice?

5. What does it mean to face yours fears, and what is the payoff?

Ultimately, like the main character in “Silver to Gold,” you have a choice: Are you going to settle for the life you have now when you know your heart yearns for more, or are you going forward by facing your fears, with or without a host of supporters?

If you choose to endure, you must answer one more question. What will keep you going when others have stopped short?

We have been examining transition at Sam’s Dream Blog lately. “Silver to Gold” provides a great boost for just such a time. Whether you need fresh inspiration to pursue what matters to you, or you simply need an entertaining read after you have read all the advice columns you think you could read, give yourself an upgrade by going from “Silver to Gold.”