Partying is Serious Business!

I did something unusual for me last week.  I celebrated twice.  First, I rejoiced in the launch of Dreaming Made Simple.  Then I reveled in my hometown girls basketball team winning its second straight state championship.
Now you might say, “Of course you celebrated.”  Actually, taking delight in something like that is a bit out of character for me.  Let me explain.  

You see, for me, there is a difference between thankfulness and celebration.  For me, thankfulness usually comes easily because I realize I’m not entitled to anything.  (Occasionally I need reminded of that.)  

But in my mind, until recently, in order to celebrate I had to first accomplish something worth that pleasure. Simply put, I had to have done something.  As in finished what I set out to do.  

Therein lay the problem.  I didn’t celebrate because I was still in process.  According to my understanding, there wasn’t much room for celebration, was there?

The truth is, as a friend told me, we never finish.  We will be in process for the rest of our lives. 

I had to re-evaluate.  Thankfully, I have.  As a result, I now realize the difference between expectation (results oriented) and expectancy (process oriented), as detailed in the Dreaming Made Simple Starter Guide.  That re-evaluation and understanding itself is a process, isn’t it?  

It occurs to me now, maybe that classic song was got it right:  “Celebrate good times, come on!”
What’s something you can celebrate this week?
How do you celebrate?  It could be as simple as calling a friend to share about a breakthrough.
Is there a development in your life which calls for celebration?  Think about the progress you have made.

I’d love to hear about your favorite celebrations.  Leave me a comment below or on the Dreaming Made Simple Facebook page.