Finding Another Way

Often times, I hear people saying things like,

I wish I could do that, but I can’t.”


My question is, what if you could?


That’s one of the primary pillars of the Dreaming Made Simple business.

I remember one of the first conversations I had about this question with a friend. She was feeling a little lost and dissatisfied with life.


“I always wanted to be a doctor,” she told me. Realistically, that wasn’t an option for her at that point. Remember, dreaming isn’t meant to be a blissfully ignorant exercise. There’s a point where it should be practical.


Aware of her reality, I wondered, “now what?” I’m a solutions-oriented person. Most of the time I believe the answer to the problem is already there. One simply has to find it.


So what was the answer in this case? In a few moments I had the makings of an answer.


“What was at the heart of your desire to be a doctor?”I asked. Her eyebrows raised as curiosity hit her. She realized her true heart’s desire was simply to help people, and that could be done in a variety of different outlets!


When she realized her dreams were achievable, doors began to open up in front of her! What dreams do you have that you felt were unattainable today? I would propose that there are ways you can start today, working towards the heart of your goal and begin fulfilling your desires.