Dreams: "That's done. Now what?"

In a previous edition of Miller’s Musings, I asked this question: "What do you do if you're stuck in the midst of pursuing your dreams?" Similarly, how do you get fresh vision after you have finished a significant phase of your life and are transitioning to an uncertain future?  For example, you might be a recent grad and not yet know what is next.  

Here are some suggestions.  Leave a comment below with what works for you!

Think about your dreams, or perhaps just one to focus on now. Why is it a dream of yours? In his book "Start with Why," Simon Sinek looks at the Wright brothers. Orville and Wilbur had stiff competition, but they succeeded while others failed. How come? "One man had a dream team of talent and resources as he sought to be the first pilot. Orville and Wilbur Wright had none of that. Why did they succeed? Their 'why’ was their belief that an airplane could change the world."

Diversify your dreams. A lot of my dreams are event driven, meaning I don’t have a way to make them happen now. Working The Masters golf tournament, for example. Furthermore, a dream like that is kind of a one-shot deal. This leads me to think, "Are there long-term dreams that I can make steady progress on now?" Saving money weekly (even if I can’t stash away a whole lot at this point) is an example.


"Just keeping swimming." In the movie "Finding Nemo," a father is separated from his son. The dream of being reunited is all but impossible. Fortunately, Dad has one of those optimistic friends named Dory nearby him.  "Just keep swimming," she says over and over again.  Yep, sometimes you just have to keep going, no matter what circumstances would lead you to believe. After all, father and son were reunited in this case. Who’s to say your dream can’t happen too?

Think about how your dreams connect with your overall life goals or purpose. How often do you think about why you were put on this Earth? If you don’t stop and think about it at least once in a while, life can seem fruitless or disjointed. People reflect on what they would do or not do if they knew they only had a certain amount of time to live. Are you doing things that matter? If no other technique boosts your focus, this could provide a jumpstart.

Now get back to dreaming and doing those dreams!