Bob Costas’ Minor League Baseball Dream

Only two baseball teams can compete in the World Series each season, but that doesn’t keep other clubs from doing their best to make a splash with their hopes and plans for next season. In the case of Minor League Baseball’s Inland Empire 66ers, that meant extending an offer to Bob Costas to be the club’s broadcaster next season.

In the past, Costas has shared a dream to broadcast Minor League Baseball. The dream resurfaced recently with journalist Joe Posnanski. On Saturday, I had the privilege of chatting with Mr. Costas about this dream.

"Minor League play-by-play is an old notion that will not happen anytime soon, if it all," Costas said. Costas made clear if it did happen one day, no one would lose his or her job. He would simply come alongside the current broadcaster. Costas also cited a full schedule of duties in his contracts with NBC and MLB Network.

Do you have a dream on your radar that you have to put on hold until the future becomes clearer?  Tell me about it.