Keeping Pace

This week features my stream of consciousness about questions we all have. I hope this post encourages you. Even the most optimistic of dreamers have doubts. You are not alone.

Sam’s Dream Blog is all about taking steps toward a dream and equipping you on your dream journey. But journeys require pace. Sometimes you run. Sometimes you can barely put one foot in front of the other. How do you capitalize when the wind’s behind you? How do you maintain momentum when it’s not? How do you ensure you are headed in the right direction? When is the time to pause? Is there ever a time to stop with the thought of restarting at another time? How do you restart? How do you measure success when a dream can’t be realized right away? What happens when life gets busier and crowns in on your dream? Some say to block out time to dream, but what happens when your scheduled time arrives and all you feel is crowded by life?

What if you have few answers for all the questions you have? All you have is one answer: You would always regret it if you gave up.

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