Oh, the Places Dreams Can Take You

Here is another post in the Featured: "What’s Your Dream?" series on Sam's Dream Blog. It allows readers to share what is the latest with their dreams, along with an e-mail address or Web site for more information. Today's guest, Sujata Kumari, is the founder of Flyhigh-world.com, an adventure travel Web site. She is also an independent consultant.

Name: Sujata Kumari

What’s your dream? I have had many dreams since my college days. (Before that I never dreamt.)  Some I managed to realize and others I had to shelve. I do chase my dreams, though, and some came true after years of toil, patience and hard work. None of my dreams came true within a year. I always had a dream to study and live abroad and explore new country and culture, which took years for me to realize.

I also dreamt of traveling the world and exploring it by myself and had a lot of convincing to do before I actually went and did it. I did a lot of adventure sports (trekking, camping, white water rafting, paragliding, jet skiing, etc.) as I was fond of them. I also had to face a lot of visa issues but eventually it all got sorted. Visa officers never believed that I was going to travel to their country for tourism by myself.

What’s the latest with your dream? I pursued my dream to start a venture. It has not yet yielded the results I was hoping for, so I'm going to shelve this one for now and chase another one. I also have a dream to write a book someday and to host a TV show.

I love cooking and sometimes dream of training people with my mouth-watering dishes. So many dreams to chase in this lifetime. It just doesn't seem long enough.

Learn more: Visit Flyhigh-world.com and e-mail Sujata at: sujatalondon@gmail.com