There’s always a way.  That’s the theme for much of my life, and you can be assured, Dreaming Made Simple coaching and resources have that heartbeat with you in mind.  

You see, I was born with cerebral palsy, due to a lack of oxygen at birth.  There is a wide range to CP; thankfully, what I have would be considered mild.  Mostly, it means that I have a weakness on my left side  – I used to fall every day, but thanks to training, teamwork and grace, now I fall maybe once a month.  

As a result of CP, I had to find another way to accomplish my dreams. Growing up, I was all about sports. However, I couldn’t play sports at the level that satisfied me, so I wrote about them.  How can you find another way to do what you love?

The vision of Dreaming Made Simple is similar.  

During my time working in sports media, I had a realization that set me up for Dreaming Made Simple.  There’s no question I love sports, but my passion runs deeper than that.  A large part of sports is about personal development.  Fans get to see athletes start with a skill set and increase their achievements with the help of coaches and teammates.  Likewise, I benefit from coaches and teammates nearly every day of my life.  They are helping me to reach my fullest potential.

I hear a lot of people say they have a dream they will get to someday. Or they have dreams and desires without any idea how to achieve them. My desire is to provide practical steps and encouragement.  Each dream is important, and there is always a way. The first step is to start where you are, and then to take one step at a time. Dreaming Made Simple.

Dreaming Made Simple is the culmination of my life experience and a good deal of research.  On, you will find anecdotes about themes related to dreams and goals.  To book a coaching session or to learn more, hit the Contact Me button below.  I'd love to hear from you!