Digital Marketing with Jennifer Crabill



Jennifer Crabill is manager of Samsung strategy and digital activation at Starcom’s New York City office. Crabill is responsible for media/communication strategic planning within Samsung’s Home Entertainment division. She is also responsible for the division’s digital buying (negotiating, executing and maintaining the brand’s online presence). Previously, Crabill has worked with the Pantene, Herbal Essences, Wrigley and Walgreens brands.

"Manhattan is the epicenter of media and advertising. It’s more competitive and there is higher turnaround due to the high volume of agencies. In effect, great minds and great ideas are at the tips of my fingers - and that’s an outstanding position to be in. Because of New York’s vast diversity and mix of cultures, it’s also a catalyst for creative thinking. I’m inspired sometimes just walking down the street!" Jennifer says.

Jennifer continues her story:

I’ve learned that dreams can change, and that that’s OK. My dream has evolved several times, but the key is to keep pursuing it and keep pushing yourself no matter what stage in life you’re at.  My parents always believed in me 100 percent and at an early age taught me that nothing is out of my reach. It also has taken a strong mix of self-motivation and hard work.

What I believe makes successful people different is their ability to take risks and do something that scares them - whether it’s moving across the country for an internship, pitching an idea to your boss that seems nearly impossible, or knowing when to veer off a familiar path to explore a brand new one. Just think about your mentor or your inspiration - rarely are they people who have lived their lives conservatively! I try to push myself to regularly stray outside my comfort zone.

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